Project {Bathroom}…still in progress

Well Part 1 of Project {Bathroom} has been completed. The easy part, or I should say the easy for us part, is over. We had Luxury Bath our of Rochester come in and do a tub liner, new shower walls, new faucet, shower head, etc, new flooring, and install the new vanity and sink that we bought from Ikea. It wasn’t exactly easy for the installer, we just had to cut the check.

They’ve been done for a while now but I’ve been slow to pick up where they left off and get the rest of the bathroom done. The only thing I’ve managed to do since is admire how awesome our new shower is, get some new storage baskets for our linen closet and re organize it.

Maybe if I make myself a list that will get my butt in gear to get some of these things done.

• Pick out and instal new bathroom light.
• Finish sanding and mudding (NO! Not more mudding and sanding!) the wall where the old vanity was.
• Prime and paint.
• New trim work along floor and door (this could be tricky).
• New curtain/shade for the window.
• Extra bathroom storage? We lost counter space when we replaced the vanity. I thought I would miss it but turns out I don’t. We might put Ikea spice racks (idea I saw on Pinterest) on the wall to store hair products and stuff but I’m not if we need to do that now or not.
• Instal new toilet paper holder. We also lost our toilet paper holder when the vanity was removed. But hey, when you don’t have a holder there is no more annoyance when someone (usually me) fails to replace the old roll with a new one.
• Think about the linen cabinet that we have in the bathroom and if we want to stain it a dark espresso color to match our new vanity. Right now it is a honey oak color and it doesn’t look bad. It just might look better in a dark espresso color. At first when Mark suggested it I was afraid of how much work it was going to be. I had also heard that the darker the stain the harder it is to get it to come out the way you want. But then I found this blog post and it looks like it could be doable. But now I wonder if its too late to do that since our tub buts up against the cabinet, they had to do some fancy trim work around it. I’m not sure how easy it will be to stain around it and if it would turn out and not ruin the trim and caulk they used. Something else to think about.

I think that is about it. Maybe this weekends tasks should include a trip to Lowes to get the new bathroom light fixture, and pick out some paint (oh and a toilet paper holder too). That doesn’t sound too difficult. Maybe even get the sanding on the wall done…if I get that done, that’ll be a bonus though. 😉


One thought on “Project {Bathroom}…still in progress

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing everything come together. Maybe I’ll be inspired to do something different in our downstairs bathroom?!

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